Testimonials from actual customers - Bob Chapman Ford, Inc.


 From the moment I arrived at Bob Chapman and spoke with Marilyn Collins, I was impressed. I visited the dealership a week prior to purchasing my 2013 Escape, but was looking at used sedans. Marilyn was knowledgable, willing to assist, but NOT pushy. I was so appreciative of the attention she paid to what I originally thought I was looking for in a used car, and her willingness to point me in the direction of the vehicles they had onsite, which met my criteria. I did not feel, even slightly, that she was a stereotypical sales person trying to sell me more than or something different than what I reported I wanted.

Not finding a car that I felt passionately about, I walked away from the lot that day and visited 5 other dealerships (all Honda) in pursuit of a used Accord. I test drove at least 5 used Accords, including one car a dealership allowed me to keep over two days to really get a feel for the vehicle (and probably sway me toward purchase). I grew up driving Fords (my father is a retiree), but made the switch to Hondas (including a Civic and CR-V) because of their affordability, reliability, fuel efficiency, and the fact that they retain their value in the Central Ohio market. I was convinced I was going to stick with a Honda, as I had for the past 10 years. In spite of the feelings about what I felt Honda had to offer over Fords, I just wasn't sold on the cars I was test driving. I decided to return to Bob Chapman Ford and take a look at the 2013 Escape on their showroom floor. Marilyn greeted me once more, remembering me from my previous visit. I explained I wanted to test drive the 2013 Escape. I'm sure she was baffled by my change in vehicle selection, as you may recall, the week before I was looking for a used sedan. However, Marilyn graciously got me the keys to a 2013 Escape they had on the lot and I went out on a test drive. I was sold. Immediately. The 2013 Escape was responsive and handled with ease. I loved the new exterior look and the interior styling was a significant step up from my last Ford (a 1998 4x4 Ranger XLT with Extended Cab and Stepside).

Honestly, I had never been a fan of Ford's interiors in the past. In my opinion they seemed bland, and cheap. However, I was blown away by the look of the interior - from the stitching on the leather seats which offers a sporty look, to the technology and its layout, to the "smart" feel of the whole interior package. The feel of the vehicle also captured me. The sporty exterior, the comfort of the seats, the peppy feel of the engine upon acceleration, the tight handling, the smooth and quiet ride, the feel of sitting in a cockpit, hugged snugly but not tightly by the surroundings, and the ease of use offered by the awesome technology all lent itself to the feeling of being in a "luxury" car. I loved it!

I returned to Bob Chapman Ford and explained to Marilyn that I would be purchasing the 2013 4WD Escape Titanium with 2.0L Ecoboost engine from their showroom floor. I immediately met with Joseph Chapman, 4th generation Dealer Principle, who offered me a great trade in on my 2007 Honda CR-V. I worked with John Herold, who secured great financing for me and offered lively, comical conversation throughout the process. I closed the sale with Marilyn and Mr. Chapman and drove away in my new Escape with the feeling that this dealership offered me "the total package" in relation to my sales experience. I really felt as if each person I encountered had a personal interest in making sure I felt comfortable and taken care of throughout the process. In a word, the staff felt "genuine".

I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Bob Chapman Ford in Marysville, Ohio to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. Their level of professionalism, personal attention, and genuine nature all contributed to an outstanding sales experience. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!


 My Sales Rep, Chris, was great!  I will buy all my vehicles from him! Frank B.

This is our 4th Grand Marquis. Marilyn sold us our second one. (We were her first sale when she started at Chapman)  She knows her job and does it well and works hard to get the job done efficiently. George F.


John F.

This is the second vehicle we have bought at Bob Chapman Ford.  We have been treated very well. Maxine C.

We were happy to find a Ford dealer that treated us like our previous dealer.  UPFRONT, HONEST and did not "play games."   I think we got an honest deal for the product we wanted.  We will return there for future purchases. Tom M.

Excellent! Bruce M.

Bob Chapman Ford is the only place I will ever purchase another vehicle! Richard M.

 All around this was the best buying experience I have ever had purchasing a new vehicle, both the salesman and general manager I worked with were very courteous and worked to make sure they could meet all my needs and that the vehicle was right for me, and answer all my questions. After the sale they spent plenty of time with me setting up all of the Sync system and getting it registered online and showing me how to use it etc. And they went over the other options etc in detail to make sure I understood them before I left there lot. My visits back with a question etc I have been met buy someone and they took the time to take care of me even though they may not have been the selling agent. I will defiantly look to them again when I consider my next purchase, and plan to have my service done there on my new F150 XLT as well.

Michael R.

 Had a great experience purchasing my Ford Ranger from Bob Chapman Ford. My sales person was absolutely wonderful. She knew the vehicles well. She was friendly and provided great customer service. Ford should be proud to have her selling their vehicles. I would refer friends and family, without hesitation. I cannot say enough good things about my buying experience. Tonia S.

Marilyn was very helpful in all areas without being too "pushy."  The whole buying experience was very easy and painless.  We pretty much knew what we wanted and when we left Bob Chapman we had the truck we wanted at what we felt was a good price. James C.

Chris was very nice and very helpful.  We will work with him on our next purchase.

Andrea S

 Thanks, Chris!   Thanks, Jason!  I will be back. James P.

 They were all wonderful! Helped me get exactly what I wanted and it was not easy. Would recommend their service to anyone!  Kerri C.

Chris was one of the best, if not the best, salesperson we have ever dealt with.  There was no pressure at all and Chris was very patient with us during the entire process.  Investing the amount of money that you do in a new vehicle is a huge decision and Chris made that decision a whole lot easier.  I say this in all sincerity, other salespeople in the car business need to spend some time with Chris.  He breaks the stereotypes of car salesman and does it the right way.  For the 30-plus years we have lived in Ford's backyard (Allen Park, MI), we never met a salesperson at a Ford dealership, that made the process so easy.  As long as we live in Ohio, we'll be looking for Chris when we purchase our vehicles.  Hopefully Bob Chapman Ford hangs onto him for a long time.


My salesperson Chris was wonderful. I went to Bob Chapman twice, once because they had all of the colors that I wanted to see in the Ford Fusion and the second time to purchase the vehicle. I went to Bob Chapman with the full intent to purchase the vehicle at a location closer to home. However I did not like the dealership very much but thought "no one ever does so oh well". After speaking with Chris I came home with the full intent to purchase at Bob Chapman even though it is about 18 miles further away than the other location. Chris assumed that I knew a bit about the car and talked to me without acting like I was stupid or knew it all. He took the time the first trip to show me all the things the fusion has to offer. He even sync'd his own phone to the car so I could experience the sync phone call. When all was said and done he asked if I had anymore questions and told me to call if I needed anything. He thanked me for coming and got his manager, I thought "here we go this is the time for the hard sell.... the 'what can we do to get you into the car today bit'". His manager thanked me for coming and taking time out of my day to visit and told me to call if they could do anything for me. It blew me away not one person was rude, over bearing, sleazy, and absolutely not pressured in any way. They treated me like I was their neighbor that just stopped in for a cup of coffee. When it came time to purchase the car (the next day when my husband came to see if he could sit in the car without taking his head off) they were just as nice as the day before when I walked in and told Chris I was just looking. I can’t say enough good things about this dealership. I am someone who is very picky and will tell someone when they are doing it wrong and I am just as happy to complement someone when they get it right. This dealership has it right. I went to two other dealerships and the other two were sleazy and rude and the salespeople know absolutely zero about their products. They need to learn something from Bob Chapman and the entire staff. Thank you for your time. :)

~Laura K.
2010 Fusion

Bob Chapman Ford was great to deal with!
~Mike G
2010 F250

Thank you Ford for the QUALITY!
~John J.
2010 F150

I have purchased 4 cars from Chapman and never had a bad experience!  I have been dealing with them since they were in Plain City, Ohio.  My father bought from them and now my husband does.  They are the only ones that service my car.
~Kathy H.
2010 Focus

I’m very happy with my new F150.  I have owned 3 F150s in the past!
~Steve K.
2010 F150

Since 1956 I have always owned Fords.  1956 new Ford convertible.  1957  new Ford pickup.  1959 new Ford pickup.  1984 Ford Pickup.  1989 Lincoln Town Car. 1997 new Ford pickup and now a 2010 new Ford pickup.  My farm tractors are Fords.   WE ARE A FORD FAMILY!
~Charles. S
2010 F150

This is now the 5th vehicle I have leased or purchased from Bob Chapman Ford in the last 5 years. Their service is top-notch and I will return to them for future vehicle needs.
~Julie H.
2010 Fusion

Marilyn was the best.   She was very informed and educated on trucks.  Friendly and efficient.
~Gerald S.
2010 F150

We are very fortunate to have Bob Chapman Ford as our local Ford dealer.  I was very satisfied with the experience of buying my new Ford Fusion.
~Doris S.
2010 Fusion

Thanks for helping us select a car that we are so happy to own!
~Linda G.
2010 Fusion

I am very happy with my truck and purchase experience.  Sales staff were very helpful in helping me in my purchase.
~Bob B.
2010 F150